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Welcome at STRETCHING PANDA . Your place for Holistic Health Growth. Move something in your life with  YOGA & MEDITATIONENERGY WORK and RETREATS 


I am Elle, the visionary behind stretching panda. My mission is to infuse the practice of yoga with greater inspiration and accessibility for you, while crafting a haven for the restoration of your energy. Through my holistic approach, I offer a pathway to harmonize various dimensions of your being, leading to a sustainable elevation of your overall well-being. The cultivation of inner abundance commences with forging a conscious unity between your body and mind, a cornerstone of my philosophy.

To bring this vision to life, I collaborate closely with esteemed international yoga instructors and energy work facilitators. Moreover, I curate and host enriching yoga retreats that seamlessly meld a spectrum of styles, be it the soothing flow of Hatha Yoga, the introspective depth of Yin Yoga, the vibrant dynamism of Vinyasa Yoga, the nurturing embrace of Pre- & Postnatal Yoga, the transformative touch of Energy Healing Work trough Sound Bath sessions and Somatic Bodywork, or the serene immersion of meditation. In this carefully woven tapestry, there exists a tailored experience for every individual seeker.

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Experience a place of harmony for body, mind and spirit through Yoga, Meditation, Energy Work  and Retreats. I invite you to embark on a journey to a healthier, more balanced life. Join me on a transformative passage towards a life steeped in vitality and equilibrium. Create balance between body, mind and spirit by releasing physical and emotional blocks and unlocking your full potential. My Energy Healing is a holistic therapy to prepare the body for Kundalini Energy Awakening and assist activated Kundalini practitioners. This space allows you to facilitate your journey to inner self-discovery - a place of healing, transformation and bliss. Discover your power, your potential and create your life according to your desires. Delve deeper into the realm of possibilities Learn more about ...

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