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Healing Stones

Energy Healing

"Energy healing is a transformative practice that recognizes the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit. By working with the subtle energies that flow within us, energy healing addresses imbalances at their core. This holistic approach promotes not only physical healing, but also emotional and spiritual well-being. In a world where stress and imbalance are commonplace, energy healing reminds us to nurture our inner harmony. It is the key to unlocking our innate capacity for self-healing and offers a profound journey to vitality and inner balance."


A holistic and integrative therapy by Elle that reshapes the body and anchors new ways of perceiving and being. It prepares and supports the ascent of Kundalini energy through de-armouring, non-dual psychology, shadow work, tantra, and energetic bodywork.


  • Powerful and lasting life changes

  • Addresses underlying energetic and physical issues

  • Enhances and activates Kundalini power


What is Kundalini Awakening?

A self-development journey through Kundalini Bodywork, ideal for releasing trauma, stress, and transitioning to a positive state. It begins with emotional release and healing past traumas and can lead to a spiritual or tantric practice.


  • Emotional detoxification

  • Healing of past traumas

  • Spiritual growth and manifestation of desired life

  • Alignment of inner and outer worlds

Activating your life force energy is essential for overall well-being. It revitalizes your body, sharpens your mind, and balances your emotions, fostering greater resilience, creativity, and joy in everyday life. By awakening this vital energy, you unlock your full potential and enhance your quality of life.



A Somatic Bodywork session blends bodywork techniques with Kundalini energy principles to awaken and channel this energy for spiritual growth and self-discovery.

Session Outline:

  • Intent Setting: Discuss goals and concerns with the practitioner.

  • Breathing and Relaxation: Engage in deep, rhythmic breathwork.

  • Gentle Touch: Use of touch, massage, or pressure on energy points to stimulate flow and release blockages.

  • Energetic Liberation: Release stagnant energies and tension.

  • Guided Visualization: Meditations to enhance energy flow and inner connection.

  • Energy Awakening: Gently stimulate Kundalini energy to rise through energy centers.

  • Letting Go and Integration: Experience physical, emotional, and spiritual release and relaxation.

  • Discussion and Reflection: Review experiences and receive guidance for further practice.



  • Awakening of Kundalini energy

  • Emotional and physical release

  • Enhanced spiritual growth

  • Personalized, transformative self-discovery


Each session is unique, offering a journey into inner energy and renewal.

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